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About Us

Our Brand and Promise

Founded in 2013 in Rwanda, Africa Lubricant Manufacturing Company Limited (ALMC) manufactures a wide range of lubricants. Our modern Lube Oil Blending Plant is located at the Prime Economic Zone in Kigali. Our production process shows the best of products made in Rwanda.

"It is our mission to provide you with the best lubricants adapted to your needs, meeting international manufacturing standards and quality. In this process we strive for continuous improvement and teamwork to deliver you the best products."

We exclusively manufacturer and promote lubricants we believe in, drawing on our passion and expertise in lubrication. Our commitment lies in pushing our limits and creating top-quality lubricants for vehicles, machines, and plant owners. Each lubricant undergoes extensive testing by industry professionals, enabling you to push your equipment to its limits with confidence. Our long-life lubricants provide extended engine life cycles, giving you peace of mind and optimal performance.

At ALMC, our promise is clear: when you choose us, you invest in more than just a high-quality lubricant. Our commitment to excellence means that you gain a reliable product that empowers you to push your machinery to its limits, regardless of your industry, application, or user type. Choosing Rymax Lubricants means joining a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, including dedicated retailers, sellers, mechanics, and lubrication experts who share your passion for exceptional performance. We take pride in supporting your endeavors, both professionally and personally, going above and beyond to challenge ourselves and continuously improve.

Ambition drives us at ALMC. We believe that pushing our limits leads to unforgettable moments and extraordinary achievements. In a competitive market, we aim to provide you with the utmost satisfaction and go the extra mile. We foster creativity, embrace change, and broaden our horizons, all while supporting your growth and improvement. From suppliers to distributors and end-users, we offer tools, resources, and support to propel us forward together.

Quality is at the core of everything we do. Upholding rigorous standards is essential to our company. That's why ALMC proudly holds the ISO-9001:2015 certification, guaranteeing that our internal processes and external services meet the high standards set by the International Organization for Standardization. Our products are carefully engineered using premium base oils and effective additives, holding all relevant approvals and certifications.

At ALMC, we stand by our promise to offer only the best, extensively tested lubricants that allow you to push your engine or machine to its limits with confidence. Together, we drive excellence in lubrication.

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Our Management Team

Our management team consists of dedicated professionals, continuously aiming for the best results. We are always at your disposal, providing you with support in choosing the perfect blend and range of products but also in after-sales support such as providing warehouse solutions.

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John Okoth
John Okoth
General Manager jokoth@almc.rw
Ali photo
Marketing Manager antiyadutereranye@almc.rw
Alexis Twagirayezu
Alexis Twagirayezu
Sales Representative atwagirayezu@almc.rw
Danny Cheldt
Danny Christopher Heldt
Head Of Sales cheldt@almc.rw
ALMC etienne photo
Etienne Rugamba
Quality Manager erugamba@almc.rw
Jean Claude Niyomugabo
Jean Claude Niyomugabo
Operation Manager jcniyomugabo@almc.rw
Odette Murebwayire
Odette Murebwayire
Warehouse Keeper omurebwayire@almc.rw
Gaju photo
Chief of Finance & HR